“CORE” Finding your Center. The Essence of Who You are and Consider Yourself to Be.

Remaining centered in today’s chaotic world is a profound aspiration. If you are centered you are still, calm, focused and aware, no matter what is going on around you. To find the core of anything or anyone, first look to your center, and project your feelings empathetically from that point. Knowing who you are is a beautiful thing, because if you are something, it can never be taken away from you; you cannot lose yourself.

To stay still, calm, focused and aware… meditate. Meditation simply means to be with yourself, no matter where you are at that moment. Just be; leave the busy commotion of your mind, for a few minutes every day and sit in silence. Ask yourself – WHO AM I? HOW DO I SEE MYSELF? Your responses to these questions help you to build your foundation.

Your foundation will help you structure breathing space for inviting great things into your life. Let go of all that isn’t serving you, liberate yourself, and create more space. Your foundation will also help build discipline, which is about consciously making a choice that is most in alignment with who you are. Your discipline requires you to be present and to know yourself, to find your core.

A strong core in your physical and mental practice allows you to live in balance, whether you are in warrior 3 or a warrior in the office. Balance is essential to success in your life. Albert Einstein said it best, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” Find your center, meditate, build your foundation, live a life in balance, embrace the fall and if you do, GET BACK UP & KEEP MOVING! Moving Heals.

Some of my favorite Pilates core exercises:

Lower Lift

  1. Lie face up, legs straight to 90 degrees, hands behind head.
  2. Crunch up, lower your legs for 3 counts then lift for 3 counts.
  3. Abs engaged throughout, legs hug together.

10 each


  1. Lie face up, legs straight to 90 degrees, hands under hips.
  2. Circle the legs to the left, almost touch the mat and return to 90. Reverse.
  3. Abs engaged throughout, legs hug together.

5 circles each direction

One arm, one leg planks:

  1. On all 4′s, tuck the toes to lift the knees up. Find a straight back-(standard plank)
  2. Hold the standard plank but extend one arm out straight and lift opposite leg off the ground.
  3. Alternatively, switch after holding for 5 seconds.
  4. Abs engaged throughout.

Hayley Schmitz

Director of Norma Jean Pilates

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About Hayley

Hayley Schmitz is a Sag Harbor native and owner of Norma Jean Pilates. She has made health and fitness a priority in her life and loves to educate others on how to do so. Hayley teaches all over the Hamptons & Manhattan. From private sessions to group mat work, she offers a full menu of different classes (Tower, Chair, ABS, Pilates/Yoga Fusion, B.L.T-Butt, Legs & Thighs, Pilates Apparatus, and Plyometrics. Tell her what you are looking for and she will create a safe, unique and fun routine for you every time you meet. Group mat locations include Norma Jean Pilates, Hamptons Gym Corp. & Wellnest. Visit NormaJeanPilates.com & hayleyschmitz.com for her class schedule and meet her in person!

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