Sag Harbor 7 Eleven Shutdown as Part of Homeland Security Sting

Early this morning the 7 Eleven in Sag Harbor was closed and heavily guarded by State Troopers and agents from the US Department of Homeland Security.  Based on reports from WPIX Channel 11 News, the closure was part of a broad operation by Homeland Security which raided 15 other 7 eleven stores, most in Suffolk County.  Visitors to 7 Eleven this morning looking for a morning coffee were asked to return to their vehicles and leave the parking lot by federal agents.  The store remains closed this morning and guarded by agents – more to come on the future of the Sag Harbor 7 Eleven.

WPIX Story:


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  1. Dan says:

    OMG Another terrorist plot foiled right here in our own slice of heaven !!! And yet another reason to justify the government keeping track of my Verizon and ATT usage. I feel so safe knowing that big brother is watching over me.

  2. Mark Schiavoni says:

    Really? 7-11? Isn’t that racial profiling?

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